Contact us to establish training sessions or a corporate wellness program.

Personal Training

Personal Trainers are essential in helping you to achieve a specific goal, whether it be weight loss, athletic performance enhancement, or training for a special event. They can help you to:

  • Perfect form
  • Work with your unique requirements and limitations
  • Set realistic goals
  • Create and execute plans to attain your goals
  • Stay accountable
  • Improve your mental health and even act as an unofficial therapist
  • Form good habits in both fitness and nutrition
  • Stay challenged and achieve maximum results
  • Remain committed by being flexible with time constraints

NuFIT For You has multiple Personal Trainers, each with a unique background and area of expertise, to help you reach your goals by working with you, your significant other, and your family and friends in a supportive and safe environment.

Couples and Small Group Training

Training with a partner or a small group offers all the benefits of personal training, but it also provides additional accountability, healthy competition, an outside perspective on your progress, and others who will celebrate your success. Group training is a great option for getting individualized training at a lower cost per person. Sign up with your pals today and sweat it out together!

Corporate Wellness Programs

Your most valuable resource is your employees, and their health and wellness has a direct impact on productivity and your bottom line. We can help your company establish a corporate wellness program by providing group fitness and nutrition classes tailored to your employees' needs at a familiar and convenient location. Combining fitness instruction with nutritional education will nurture a healthy lifestyle and work environment.

Personal Training