Miranda Haerr

My name is Miranda Haerr. I am a Radiologic Technologist at Blessing Hospital and a wife to a farmer/cattleman. I am so thankful for my God, my husband, my job, my family, and this opportunity to help push others to reach their goals.

My fitness journey began in high school when I took a weight training class and struggled to find exercises/workouts to do, trying to somehow lose weight/tone up. I struggled again in college; I just tried to make it to the gym and do “something,” workout at home, or at least run. When I moved to Quincy for X-Ray school, working out was my way to de-stress.

The biggest impact was when I moved back home to central IL where I was introduced to a gym that I fell in love with offering 35-minute classes of HIIT workouts. People were nice, coaches pushed me, and I/my body changed. I began seeing definition in my arms and shoulders, doing more than five pushups on my toes, etc. Fitness was still a way to manage stress, so I went almost every day. I notice a difference in how I feel when I don’t work out and how much energy I have when I do.

After getting engaged to a great guy from Taylor, MO I realized I would have to find a new gym in the Quincy area. I came across NuFIT, and I randomly popped in for a class or two, and my journey at NuFIT began. I fell in love with the class diversity and sizes, the coaches, the positive feedback, and the gym community. Jenna Hull helped me fulfill my dream of becoming a coach (with the goal to become a Personal Trainer) in Spring of 2019.

I thoroughly enjoy pushing & encouraging those in my classes to do their best. Change doesn’t happen by staying comfortable. If an exercise is too easy with the lighter weight, pick up a heavier one…PUSH YOURSELF! I look forward to seeing you in my classes!

“If you don’t like where you are…MOVE…you are not a tree.”

Miranda Haerr