From left:  Huxley, Quinlynn, Seth, Ashley, Nell & Bastian

Seth and I became part of the NuFIT For You family when we purchased the business from Jenna Hull in July 2019. I first met Jenna during the 2018 holiday season when we gifted couples personal training sessions to my parents for Christmas. Mom and Dad had both been dealing with health issues, including between the two of them, chronic pain, diabetes, hypertension and a strong family history of cancer and heart disease. Neither had ever “worked out” in the traditional sense throughout their lives together, and they both decided to make a positive change. With young grandchildren to keep up with, they researched Personal Trainers in the area who could lead them down a path to a healthier, more active lifestyle. That research led to Jenna, the trainer that my mom knew was the perfect person to support them on their health and fitness journey.

Jenna began training them in 2019, and their one request for Christmas later that year was more training sessions! Since starting with Jenna, they’ve both made significant improvements in their health and wellness, with Mom noting the following:

  • A1C, a diabetes marker, dropped from 6.7 to 6.1
  • A decrease in her average diastolic blood pressure
  • Total cholesterol decreased by 41 points with LDL dropping by 37.6 points
  • Triglycerides dropped by 12
  • BMI decreased by 4.88

She is also now able to do push-ups, planks, bridges, aerobics, weight training and strength training resulting in increased stamina, a more positive outlook on life and feeling healthier overall with a desire to keep improving!

When Jenna decided to sell NuFIT, we purchased the business to ensure that it would continue to support its members and the community with their health and nutrition goals well into the future. Many exciting changes are planned for NuFIT, including a new facility, expanded service lines and growing the NuFIT family to continue providing top-quality personal training, fitness instruction and nutrition counseling.

Seth and I have been on our own personal health and wellness journey for many years, and it’s constantly evolving to incorporate different aspects of fitness and nutrition as we age and enter new stages in our lives. In addition to our NuFIT For You family, we have four children – Quinlynn, Bastian, Nell and Huxley who enjoy “working out” at the gym and at home. The kids are active in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, gymnastics, swimming and other community athletic programs. Our dog, Summit, is also an eager running buddy and will bring his frisbee to anyone willing to throw it for him.

Seth’s education background includes degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He has worked for government agencies and commercial businesses on many different projects. He’s a true life-long learner and is always looking to become more educated and experienced in all aspects of his life.

I graduated from college with degrees in Accounting and Management Information Systems. I worked for KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms, as a CPA prior to pursuing a medical degree. Currently, I’m an Emergency Physician at the local hospital where I see every day how poor mental and physical health affects people’s ability to live active, happy lives. NuFIT is another outlet for me to try and help others in the community work to improve their health.

NuFIT For You is here to support you by offering an individualized approach to health and wellness. It is special to every person who has experienced the certified and knowledgeable instructors, supportive environment and fellow members committed to continuous self-improvement. Being a part of NuFIT offers many wonderful benefits to us, the trainers, instructors and nutrition experts, but the most amazing reward is hearing how NuFIT has helped you on your health journey. Please share your story with us!

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