COVID-19 Update

As COVID-19 continues to affect many people in the community, our members and instructors, though strong and committed to staying healthy, are not immune. Since last March when the virus was identified locally, we have only had a few known cases in the NuFIT community. During those times, we worked with the Health Department and through contact tracing, identified any potential exposure risk to others. Quarantining and appropriate measures were taken to ensure that we did not then risk exposing additional people at the gym.  All cases have been the result of community transmission and not acquired through NuFIT interactions. Even without symptoms but being told of potential exposures, instructors and members have been diligent about following the established guidelines.

We appreciate everyone taking appropriate measures and being responsible while utilizing the facility. As always, you are welcome to wear masks or any protective gear you feel necessary while working out. In addition, we want to reiterate that we are happy to place any memberships on hold for whatever length of time you request. This practice has not changed since we reopened, so please reach out to us if you wish to make any changes now or in the future. Because of everyone’s conscientiousness, we have been fortunate to allow each other the chance to stay as healthy as possible during this pandemic by continuing to offer a space to work out and help keep chronic illnesses in check. As someone who has seen all forms of COVID-19 for the past nine months, I can honestly say that those individuals who continue to focus on their overall health and wellness have reported having much milder symptoms. Of course, there are outliers in everything, and just as young and seemingly healthy people die every year from a variety of viral infections, this one is no different.

Much is still unknown and debated about this virus, including its means of spreading, and as the situation evolves, recommendations may continue to change. What remains though, is the struggle of small business owners to continue to exist. Expenses do not go away with forced closures or limited services; government assistance has been difficult to obtain and often inadequate; and morale for the community and hope for the immediate future is low. Thus, it’s a daily struggle to balance efforts to provide what we feel is an essential and life-sustaining service without losing our member’s trust and support. We will continue to remain open and invite all of you to work out with us to your comfort level. As has been in the past, we will notify anyone deemed to have had a significant exposure (the same way that our local healthcare systems are operating) and will substitute or cancel classes when necessary to accommodate those instructors needing time away because they have tested positive or had been told themselves that they have had a potential exposure and are taking appropriate precautions.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns. We understand it’s a scary and unprecedented time for everyone, and we are all doing our best to survive and, hopefully, thrive in the future. The virus will not “just go away,” and there is no guarantee for an effective and/or timely vaccine at this point; with this knowledge, please determine what you consider safe and appropriate for yourself and know that we will support your decision. Please also consider that your opinion is your own and that others will feel differently from you and choose their actions accordingly. We are an eclectic community of many wonderful individuals with the same goal of remaining #NuFITStrong and continuing to improve our own health and wellness. We hope to pursue that goal for many years to come. Thank you for your continued support during a year of constant change and turmoil.