Class Package Sale!

NuFIT For You will reopen for full capacity fitness classes and unlimited gym access starting Monday, June 29th, 2020! From that date on, you can utilize the showers and other services. Please continue to practice healthy habits and DO NOT visit the facility if you’ve been exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19, you have a pending test or you feel unwell in any way. In these situations, please do not come to the gym for two weeks unless you have a negative test result. It is imperative that we are diligent with cleaning equipment after each use, so please do your part to help NuFIT remain the place where you improve your health and overall wellness. If you’d like to continue to practice social distancing, feel free to join in our virtual fitness classes. These are available at varying times every day except Sunday.

We are offering a Class Package Sale where you can receive a 15% discount off the purchase of a single Class Package now through Independence Day! Class packages are good for any open fitness class including virtual classes. Use the discount code “#StayingStrong” at checkout. We look forward to seeing you back in class!