Lessons Learned – Opening Day

Today was a day of many firsts for us. Some of them were as hoped, and others were a bit more challenging than anticipated. Thank you for your patience as we all work together to complete the transition to a new system, a new building, new instructors, new services, and operating restrictions that we never could’ve anticipated!

This communication is meant to advise everyone on the lessons learned from today, the first day for indoor classes and 24/7 access.

We have now transitioned to Zoom for our virtual classes. This is integrated with WellnessLiving, but as this is a new feature that they pushed out, there’s still work for them to do in the future. For now, book a class as normal, then find it in your class schedule. Here are instructions on how to join the class.

Once the instructor has created the Zoom session, you will be able to join in by tapping the camera. If the session has not been created, you will see a notice instructing you to please wait.

Please don’t be late to virtual classes. If you’re late to class, you can only enter by the Zoom URL sent out in the confirmation/reminder notification email for the service. In WellnessLiving’s Phase 2 release, this will no longer be a restriction.

Please make sure your account is set up to receive all notifications. Many people report not getting emails and other communications. These will go to the email address you have on file. You can toggle this by going to your account (clicking your initials in the upper right hand corner) and selecting “Settings.”

If these are all toggled to “ON,” please check your Spam folder and mark our communications as “safe” or “not junk” in your email client.

For those members with 24/7 gym access,you should have received an email to the account on file in WellnessLiving with access instructions to download the PDQ Smart app. This application is free and is how you will access the back door any time that the front doors are locked. Front doors are unlocked by instructors and trainers while in the building but should remain locked at all other times! If you’d prefer to utilize an access card instead, there is an $8 fee for the card, and we can set this up for you. The back door automatically locks when it closes tight.

When setting up the application, you must allow the following for it to work correctly:

  • Bluetooth and wireless connection
  • Location services turned on

If you did not allow these options, you may need to delete and reinstall the application. Once you have the application installed and have entered your invite code, you will see an interface similar to the one above. “Back Door” will be visible in the upper left corner. Stand near the door, tap “Unlock” and wait for the audible click, after which you will be able to enter. Please verify that the door completely closes behind you. If you do not receive an email invitation by that time, please check your SPAM folder. If you have difficulty at any time with this, text or call 217-919-2917 or email owner@nufitforyou.com, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

We are happy to help in any way possible! New ventures always bring some unknowns, and we want to successfully work through them together. Thank you for continuing to support NuFIT – we promise to always strive to better ourselves just as you do when you workout with us!