#75 – 5/30

WOD #75! You’ve been gone for too long, and we can’t wait for your return. Communication about our gradual reopening will be available soon. Today will be the last posted WOD so we can prepare for the future, but you can always reference them on our website.

Saturday’s WOD is as many reps as possible in a 15-minute circuit. Complete the following progression using a kettlebell:

  • 20x single arm thrusters
  • 5x burpees
  • 20x high pulls
  • 20x flutter kicks
  • Repeat

Today’s tip to curb mindless eating is to eat more slowly. Slow eaters often eat less, feel fuller and rate their meals are more pleasant than fast eaters; in other words, savor the experience! Your body releases hormones that promote feelings of fullness, and taking 20-30 minutes to complete your meal allows your body more time to act. It gives your brain a chance to realize you’re eaten enough before you reach for another serving. To force yourself to eat more slowly, try using your non-dominant hand or chopsticks instead of a fork. Always remember to adequately chew your food!

We’re getting down to the wire with NuFIT t-shirts – order yours now before they’re gone for good! We have one week remaining in our virtual and outdoor only schedule, so be sure to get on the schedule and use your classes up before we switch to our old memberships the following week. Details to follow soon!