#71 – 5/26

Tuesday’s WOD will focus on the upper body with this progression:

Each exercise is 30 seconds with no rest between; complete three rounds.

  • Squat with Shoulder Press
  • Squat with Rotations
  • Pushups to Alternating Frontal Raises
  • Diver Bomb Pushups
  • Plank to Knee-Holds (L)
  • Plank to Knee Holds (R)
  • Elevator Planks
  • Breakdancers

Another way to curb mindless eating is to replace large plates with smaller ones and wide, short glasses with tall, thin ones. Both of these actions help to reduce portion sizes and give the appearance of consuming more. You can continue to use your wide, short glasses for water to encourage adequate water intake.

Stay tuned for updates about reopening! We will continue with outdoor and virtual classes throughout the week. Ashley added a pop-up CardioSculpt on Tuesday at 8:30 AM – get signed up now! Remember to get your t-shirt before they’re gone!