#70 – 5/25

Have you completed the Murph before? It’s a common Memorial day workout, and the specifics can be found here which also has options for scaling to your fitness level.

Another tip to help control mindless eating is to pay attention to packing. The effect is known as the portion size effect and can contribute to noticeable weight gain over time. Some packing includes pause points. For example, a different colored potato chip placed every seven chips in Pringles cans functioned as a signal to consumers of how many chips they had actually consumed, leading to them eating less. Studies also found that people eating from a large bag of M&Ms consumed 31 more candies than those given the same total amount but in smaller bags.

If the Murph isn’t your thing, we still have Outdoor CycleLATES and Virtual Tone & Sculpt on the schedule. Don’t forget to purchase your NuFIT t-shirt before the fundraiser ends – Landmarx has made a huge impact on our community through their efforts!