#69 – 5/24

Sunday is your rest day, and it’s well-deserved. If you still want to get a workout in, both outdoor PowerCYCLE and Tone & Sculpt are on the schedule.

Do you find yourself mindlessly eating? Many people are at home more now than in the past and find themselves turning to food during that time. We’re going to cover tips to help curb excess eating over the next couple of weeks.

The first way to control what you put into your mouth is to use internal instead of external cues related to your hunger. To help with this, keep evidence of what you’ve eaten in front of you. For example, if you attend a picnic for the holiday, keep the empty beer bottles you’ve drank or the plates you used available so that you know exactly what you’ve consumed. Those who eat from bottomless bowls or who toss the chicken wings at each helping often underestimate their total food intake, leading to overeating and not necessarily feeling any fuller.