#57 – 5/12

Tuesday is a great day to sweat! Here’s today’s WOD, affectionately called the “Sweat Generator” borrowed from Darbee.

Your choice of 3 sets, 5 sets or 7 sets with up to a 2 minute rest in between:

  1. 20 high knees
  2. 20 thigh jumps
  3. 20 high knees
  4. 20 march steps or body runs
  5. 20 high knees
  6. 20 thigh jumps
  7. 20 high knees
  8. 20 march steps or body runs
  9. 20 high knees
  10. Repeat

Tuesday’s super food are sardines! They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and are more affordable than salmon. Sardines are also high in protein, vitamin B12 and D and other minerals. These tiny fish are void of many of the heavy metals that larger fish, such as tuna contain.

We hope the weather cooperates this week for more outdoor classes, and virtual classes will still be held. Landmarx is going strong with their “Here For Good” t-shirt campaign, so check it out and support your favorite.