#56 – 5/11

Kick Monday off right with a WOD that’s sure to make you sweat!

Set A:  5 rounds
10x Plyo Push Ups
10x Box Jumps
10x 1-Arm Kettlebell Swings Each Side
50 Yard Sprint

Set B:
10 → 1 inverted ladder – Lateral Shuffle to Burpee
1 → 10 ladder – KB Swings

Monday’s underrated super food is Psyllium husk, a ground-up grain which is also gluten free that can be added to smoothies to help keep you regular.

Look for Selena’s pop-up PowerCYCLE on Tuesday at 5:30, and be sure to get signed up for our other outdoor classes. We’re off to a strong start and want to keep the momentum into Summer!