#55 – 5/10

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate and rest up for the new week. Being a mother is sometimes an overwhelming privilege, so be sure to thank your mom for everything she’s done for you.

Everyone knows that greens are full of good stuff, but there are many other foods you should be incorporating into your diet. This week we will discuss eight underrated super foods, starting with onions. It’s a rarity that we eat a meal in our house sans onions – and aside from the wonderful flavors they contribute, they also provide anti-inflammatory flavonoids and other molecules that are part of controlling inflammation and preventing cancer. Onions also feed your beneficial gut flora. Though onions are excellent for human health, they are poisonous to dogs in certain doses, so make sure your little scavengers don’t get the leftovers.

Landmarx is still taking orders for t-shirts to support local businesses. Can you believe that they’ve already sold over 3,000! This is incredibly helpful to the local community. Please consider supporting NuFIT and others by purchasing one.

Outdoor classes are underway, and we love your involvement. Get signed up and let us see your smiling, sweaty face in person again!