#44 – 4/29

Wednesday’s workout is a 12-minute circuit with each exercise occurring on the minute mark:

  1. 10 jump squats
  2. 15 front squats
  3. 15 push ups
  4. 20 step ups
  5. 10 jump squats
  6. 15 front squats
  7. 15 push ups
  8. 20 step ups
  9. 10 jump squats
  10. 15 front squats
  11. 15 push ups
  12. 20 step ups

Add weights if able for an additional challenge.

Go ahead and enjoy some soup after a warm weather workout. It contains sodium, the most important electrolyte to replace at that time, and if you choose a broth variety with vegetables, you’ll round out your other electrolytes as well.

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