Mackenzie has created this game for your WOD today. How long is your name? If it’s short, you’re in luck! If it’s anything like our niece’s name which has a grand total of 25 letters, then you’re in for a bit of challenge. By the way, I know it says first and last name, but we don’t want you to feel cheated, so go ahead and do your FULL NAME! Feel free to spell out a sentence instead if you want to work even harder.

To further strengthen your relationship with food, cope with your emotions without using food as a crutch. We all experience a variety of emotions throughout life and each has its own trigger. However, many people turn to food and eat as an emotional response, but it will not solve the problem and ultimately make you feel worse. It’s best to use alternative methods to comfort, distract and resolve your emotions. Respect your body. It’s hard to reject the diet mentality when you are unrealistic and overly critical of your body shape. If you are a size ten shoe, would you try to squeeze into a size eight because that was the only size left? Self-acceptance and a desire to improve yourself for health reasons – i.e., to feel more energetic, to sleep better, to develop a better relationship with food, and to feel more confident – will help you reach your goals. Love what your body can do for you now but recognize that you can always do better for your body!

If you need that extra accountability and assistance to start or continue down your path to better health, join into group classes and activities. Along with our virtual fitness classes, we hold Small Group Training sessions, and these have continued in the virtual realm as well. Our family chooses to remain #NuFITStrong!