Today’s WOD is another challenge, and the time to beat set by Mackenzie is 7:30. It seems short, but if you turn up the intensity, you can burn some serious calories. Complete three full circuits without resting in between.

20 squats
6 Burpees
1 minute of Ankle Touches
20 Donkey Kicks (10 each leg)
1 minute Crunches
20 Fire Hydrants (10 each leg)
1 minute of Mountain Climbers
6 Burpees
10 Rows (weight needed, get creative) 
1 minute High Knees
10 Push Ups

If you’re still craving more, run up 10 flights of stairs, go for a mile run or a brisk walk and remember to stretch when you’re done.

For those of you with kids, motivate them to work out with you. You can easily turn fitness into a game (literally, as in the Deck of Cards workout posted in WOD #1) or by having your kids call out an exercise at the beginning of each hour with the entire family then doing that exercise. Complete this ten times throughout the day and you’ve done 100 exercises together! Many local athletes are being asked to continue their team conditioning at home. Go ahead and join in – it’ll encourage them to stay focused and give you a healthy respect for the work they do each day.

Your nutrition tip today is to lift heavy things. Yes, that’s correct. Lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises strengthens your muscles which improves your overall body composition, leading to major improvements in metabolic health and increased insulin sensitivity. For maximal health and fitness, you need to consider what you put into your body as well as what you do with it.

Happy Friday! Join us for Virtual Tone & Sculpt at 6 AM to lift heavy things and then Virtual Pilates at 9 AM to lengthen and strengthen your body.