#31 – 4/16

Miranda’s WOD is a circuit you complete 3 times with a minute rest between each:

50 Jumping Jacks
15 triceps (overhead with weights or dips on chair)
20 squats
15 V-sits or V-ups
50 mountain climbers
10 pushups
10 burpees
30 bicycle crunches
50 high knees
10 chest presses
30 plank shoulder taps
10 reverse lunges (each side)
50 skaters
15 flies
20 squats with calf raise
15 plank rotations

Remember, you can always add weights or additional circuits to increase the difficulty!

Have you thought about planting a garden but never gotten around to it? This is the perfect year to give it a try with store restrictions in effect and supply chain disruptions. Gardening can be an intimidating task, but it’s okay to start small. There’s nothing quite like eating a meal that you’ve grown and harvested yourself! If you need a little more encouragement, read this article that discusses eight unexpected health benefits related to gardening.

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