#29 – 4/14

Tuesday’s WOD is 15 minutes of lower body lunge-style exercises. If you need an additional challenge, add weights in any form (i.e., free weights, weighted vest, arm or leg weights). Time to get going!

Perform each move for 5 minutes with no breaks. Rest as little as possible.

  1. Walking Lunges – 5 minutes
  2. Lateral Walks – 5 minutes
  3. Bear Crawls – 5 minutes

Now that you’re home more than usual, do you find yourself snacking more? How about late night snacking while you watch Netflix or relax in other ways after a long day of homeschooling?

Nighttime eating has been a hot and controversial topic in medicine for a long time. The debate isn’t likely to be settled anytime soon, but most medical professionals will agree that a light late-night snack is very different from ice cream, cookies or chips. If you’re looking to cut back, decrease hunger, and potentially fuel weight-loss, consider drinking a protein shake. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that “protein supplements influence satiety and food intake, suppressing appetite to a greater extent than carbs and fat.”

Livestrong.com has shared information for a “2014 study featured in the British Journal of Nutrition that assessed the effects of whey, casein and carbs on appetite and resting metabolic rate. Subjects who consumed 30 grams of protein before bedtime had a higher resting energy expenditure the next morning, so protein before bed may actually help you lose weight — not gain it.”

If you’re not sure what protein shake is right for you, check out AdvoCare’s Meal Replacement Shakes. We stock nearly every flavor of these at the gym, and they are a great option for breakfast, lunch or a late-night snack. Contact us if you’d like to try some out!