#26 – 4/11

Here’s your last WOD before enjoying a nice Easter dinner with your family!

3 Sets Each Movement to Failure

No rest between A and B; 1 minute rest between sets; complete 3 rounds of each A/B Set before moving on.

A. Plyo Push Up
B. Push Up
Push Ups can be completed on an incline to decrease the difficulty

A. Inverted Row
B. Reverse Snow Angel
Inverted Rows can be completed using a dining table, counter top, etc. When doing these hold at the top for a second two.

A. Triceps Push Back or Triceps Extension
B. Cobra Push Up

A. Bulgarian Squat Each Leg – perform movement on each leg before moving on
B. Jump Squat

A. Handstand Push Up or Pike Push Up
B. Dive Bomber

Please continue to support our local restaurants and food establishments during this time. You can reference this article for tips on ordering takeout or delivery.

Our week of virtual classes has been a great success! New members are always welcome, and classes can be tailored for any fitness level. This is the perfect time to jump-start your fitness and nutrition now that you have a bit more time to reflect on current habits and devote efforts to improving yourself. NuFIT has fitness equipment available for rent as well as purchase. Reach out to us, and we can support you on this journey!