WOD #23 – 4/8

Your WOD today is by Mackenzie; all you need is a chair.

Eight workouts in total:
5 chair workouts:
•Seated leg tucks (butt on chair, straight legs out, pull in) 3×12
•Glute chair bridges (feet on chair) 3×12
•Chair triceps (dip down and up) 3×12
•Decline chair push-up (feet on seat) 3×12
•Incline chair push-up (hands on seat) 3×12

Remaining workouts:
•Core twist 3×12
•Squat 3×12
•Lying glute kicks 3×12

If you aren’t eating eggs, you should be! Whole eggs are called “nature’s multivitamin” because they’re so nutritious. Studies show that eggs have no effect on blood cholesterol in most people, so ignore that myth. Also, a huge review showed that egg intake had no association with increased heart disease risk. The yolk, in particular, contains almost all of the healthy compounds.

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