WOD #22 – 4/7

Gary’s Lent WOD:  On each pair listed below, do one exercise for 40 seconds and the other for 40 reps, your choice. Run one lap around your house or run one set of stairs after each pair.

  • Deadlift/jumping jacks
  • Bicep curls/plank shoulder taps
  • Squat/dumbbell punches
  • Push-up/sit-up
  • Lunges/resistance band pull apart
  • V-ups/180 degree jumps
  • Mountain climbers/weighted overhead walk (# of steps if doing reps)
  • Plank jacks/high knees
  • Dips/calf raises
  • Gorilla walk/high pull

For your nutrition tip today, use plenty of herbs and spices! Many herbs and spices are incredibly healthy and provide numerous benefits. Ginger and turmeric both have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Not only that, but they add a lot of flavor and depth to your meals.

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