WOD #17 – 4/2

Casie’s WOD consists of two circuits completed three times each. Incorporate weights where applicable if you have them (e.g., add bicep curls to the sumo squats or hammer curls/shoulder raises to the rear lunges.)

Circuit #1|
Walking Push Ups – 30 seconds
Sumo Squats – 8 count followed by 8 pulses (repeat 3x)
Crunches (on back, cross ankle over opposite knee, crunch up and over to knee from opposite side)
Walking side squats – 3 squats to left, stop for 10 jacks, 3 squats back, stop for 10 jacks – repeat 5 each way

Circuit #2
Side plank (30 seconds each side)
Warrior Pose (40 seconds each side)
Rear Lunge 15 count (each leg)
Plank jacks – 30 seconds
Fast Feet – 30 seconds

Annslee has provided some tips to reduce cravings based on lifestyle modifications. Cravings may be telling you one of three things – lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, or dehydration. Each trigger can be linked to the type of food you crave. If craving salty foods, your body may be dehydrated, as sodium is needed to balance our body’s fluids and electrolytes. If craving fatty foods, sleep deprivation may be the cause which can lead to eating 384 extra calories a day. Choose healthy fats like avocado, nuts, nut butters, seeds and fish. If craving sugary foods, you may not be getting enough balance in your diet. Sugary foods decrease the palate for fruits and vegetables. A diet high in refined sugars (white bread, pasta, rice, sugary cereal, ice cream, etc,) leads to a roller coaster in blood sugar resulting in cravings for sugary food. Introduce unprocessed whole foods to help taste buds adjust.

Virtual classes are FREE this week, and you can participate from anywhere! Invite a friend or loved one to workout with you. You can view the class schedule by signing into WellnessLiving or checking out the Schedule page for information. You’ll need Jisti Meet installed on a media device to join in to the class. Review the class instructions for information on how to join the session, and enter your room name five minutes before class is scheduled to start. If you’d like to order a Yoga mat, large exercise ball and resistance bands for home use, please fill out this form. We are also renting out dumbbells and kettlebells for home use at this time. Contact us, if you’d like to rent any additional equipment. Most exercise equipment is on backorder and sparse at the moment, but I can get Body-Solid Iron Kettlebells for anyone who is interested. Look for more information soon about virtual classes in the weeks to come.