The NuYOU Challenge

Your health affects every aspect of your life – your sleep; your energy level; the activities you can enjoy with your family and friends; and your job performance. We understand the struggles you face to maintain it. Many people perceive it to be costly, inconvenient, difficult and even intimidating. NuFIT For You is passionate about helping people, and we want to help you overcome these struggles to reach your health and fitness goals. This was our motivation for creating a comprehensive Weight Loss Challenge Group, and we invite you to take the first step down the path to a healthier life!

What’s a Challenge Group?

Traditionally, a Challenge Group is an online fitness challenge led by a coach who supports exercise and nutrition habits for a private group. NuFIT’s Weight Loss Challenge Group is so much more because we aren’t your typical fitness facility!

Here’s what you get when you join our 8-week Weight Loss Challenge Group:

  • Prior to starting the program, you meet with a Personal Trainer for a private 30-minute appointment to obtain your biometrics, set individual goals and discuss appropriate exercises for your fitness level. After completing the program, you will meet with a Personal Trainer again to review your new biometrics and assess your overall progress.
  • After establishing with a Personal Trainer, you will meet with Annslee, our Registered Dietitian to discuss your personal eating plan. She will review your specific caloric needs and health concerns based on your biometrics and will make recommendations for you to follow throughout the challenge period.
  • You will become a part of an online community where we share tips on fitness and nutrition. This forum will allow you to start private conversations with a Personal Trainer or Annslee for ongoing support.
  • You’ll be given the resources to log your diet and exercise throughout the program.
  • You will receive a 10-day AdvoCare cleanse to complete at the beginning of the challenge period to jump-start your weight loss.
  • We’ve got every meal for the eight weeks covered! Breakfast each morning will be an Advocare Meal Replacement Shake of your choice. Our creative friends at Dunnbelly Bar & Bistro will provide you with lunch and dinner each day. There’s no meal planning, shopping or preparation needed! Your food will be specially made using a variety of wholesome ingredients that are nutritious, delicious, satisfying and properly portioned to provide a balanced 1200 Calorie meal plan each day. We know your individual needs may differ, and Annslee will address this with you before starting the program. You’ll enjoy lunch dishes such as classic beef chili; Thai-style pork and veggie stir fry with fresh basil; and shaved herb turkey wrap with roasted veggies and creamy basil pesto. For dinner you’ll eat savory Jerk chicken with couscous and plantains; Jambalaya; roasted turkey with gravy, mashed sweet potatoes and squash; and more. It’s as simple as heat and enjoy!
  • You will have access to unlimited fitness classes for the entire challenge period. View our Schedule page to see our classes each week. Can’t make it to a class or are unsure what classes are right for you? Our Personal Trainer will provide alternative workout options and make class suggestions based on your current fitness level. Fitness instructors are able to modify workouts for any health or physical limitations you possess. NuFIT’s new facility, located at 3906 Broadway Street, is expected to open at the beginning of February and will support your weight loss endeavor by providing 24-hour access to the gym to workout during times that are convenient for you.

Cost Breakdown

Popular meal delivery services cost between $8-$12 per meal, averaging $210/week to eat three meals every day. The majority of those you still have to prepare for yourself! The average fast food meal costs $7, totaling $147/week to inadequately fuel your body three times a day. Local businesses offering to-go meal services are charging $13-$16/dish, resulting in at least $182/week for lunch and dinner each day. In our program, all you have to do is pick-up, heat-up and enjoy high-quality, nutritious dishes for under $11/meal.

In addition to a complete meal plan, NuFIT will help you to improve your overall health by offering expert guidance and support, utilizing the AdvoCare cleanse system for a healthy reset and providing unlimited workout opportunities in a structured and supportive environment. The best part is we are able to do it for only $190/week!

How is this Challenge Group different from others?

You’re only competing with your old self, and we’re here to make sure you succeed. Your team – including a Physician, a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainers and nutritionists, top-notch fitness instructors and passionate culinary experts – have come together to create a program that will change your life. What do you have to lose? Weight, inches, reliance on medications, bad habits – the possibilities are endless!

Here’s what’s required of YOU:

  • An 8-week commitment to better yourself with our expert guidance and assistance. It takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit, and we want to empower you to make a permanent change!
  • Attend your Personal Training and Registered Dietitian appointments.
  • Log your diet and exercise throughout the program.
  • Pick-up your meals from Dunnbelly, located at 4403 Broadway St, Quincy, IL, at the designated times each week. Details will be provided closer to the program start date.
  • Weekly payments will be billed to your credit card or bank account for the cost of the program. No refunds will be issued, and a dropout fee of $100 will apply after appointments are scheduled. You pay an initial charge of $190 at sign-up to cover the cost of your Advocare products as well as your appointments and the first week of the program. Charges will occur again at the beginning of weeks 2-8. We are serious about supporting you on your journey to better health, and we require serious engagement from you to make it happen!

Questions and Answers

Q1. I’m already a NuFIT member with an Unlimited Class Membership or a Punch Card Membership, but I want to participate too! How does this work?
A1. Current memberships will be placed on hold beginning 2/1/20. You will resume your normal membership on 4/1/20. You will be charged the initial sign-up fee as noted above and maintain the same payment schedule as the rest of the group from weeks 2-8. If you would like to continue classes before the program start date, your current membership will apply.

Q2. Can I do the program without the meals or another component?
A2. Our program is completely comprehensive and is meant to help you lose weight and improve your fitness and overall health. It is specifically designed to eliminate variance and roadblocks to make your journey a success. By removing any of the controlled elements, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the full benefit; thus, you must commit to the complete package.

Q3. I’m ready! What do I do next?
A3. Join HERE!

Please contact us for any additional questions or concerns. We are excited to offer this program and cannot wait to share our love for nutrition, fitness and amazing food with you! Happy Holidays and cheers to a NuYOU in the New Year!