Cycle Pump

Great way to get in your cardio and build core strength. First half of class includes powercycle. This class will end with a circuit based workout. The workout will include full body. All fitness levels are welcome


This class will mix up cycling with rowing, TRX, and ActivMotion. Body Bars and weights will also be used for strength training.

Resistance Band Training

This class is a strength building class using various types of resistance bands, including the CRT Method bands, as well as others. It’s a full body workout. Come see the amazing benefits of resistance bands!


Mashup of TRX suspension (bodyweight) training and the CRT resistance method. The two combined make for an excellent full body resistance workout!

This class welcomes and can be modified to meet all fitness levels

ActiMotion Training

ActivMotion Training utilizes the innovative, dynamic nature of the ActivMotion Bar’s internal rolling steel weights to provide an unparalleled fitness experience that ignites the body and mind in completely new ways. You’ll Facilitate greater core and joint stability muscle activation.


Keiser Indoor Cycling focusing on Watts (power), strength, speed, and increasing your heart rate. This class is sure to burn a TON of calories! Come Spin with us!


Pilates is a low impact class involving stretching, core and focused breathing. Great for all fitness levels, this class will help with balance and flexibility.

AMPD Power Flow

AMPD PowerFlow takes yoga-inspired movements combined with kettlebells and resistance bands to create an amazing, low impact strength training workout for all levels and abilities.  We use the rhythm, speed, and phrasing of fun, flowy music to keep class participants on the same pace and create an inspiring and energetic experience for our clients.

Triple Threat

This class is a full hour jammed pack with a variety of formats! We change it up each week, but we always do three twenty minute segments with cardio, strength and core focus, come and check it out!

Fitness Freestyle

Instructor’s Choice : Circuits, TRX, Cycling, Rowing, Weights, Kettlebells, ActivMotion, CRT, AND/OR Pilates
MASHUP Classes – it’s like a Taste Of NuFIT !!