Power Cycle and Pilates. I also sub for TRX, Tone and Sculpt, and sometimes teach TRX Pilates.  

Certified in CRT, AMPD Power Flow, and Pilates.  


4480 Broadway Street


I began my fitness journey in 1998. I started running and solely did that for years. I had an injury about 7 years ago and realized I needed to diversify. That’s when I started going to NuFIT. It gave me the diversification I needed to get stronger overall. 
Being strong motivates me so I am able to do the things I want to do in life. When I’m not working out at NuFIT I love to explore new destinations on foot. It makes you feel alive, learn something, and feel a sense of adventure.  I have eight classes left to finish an art history degree. It’s my passion and I love studying, even though it’s hard work. My reward for finishing these studies is to travel to those places and see the things I’ve learned about. 

My husband, son, and I live in Quincy and our daughter is a teacher in Malaysia. 

I would love to help you on your journey to a stronger you!