ActivMotion Bar – Internal ball bearings shift during movement, producing instability for a new and challenging workout

AMPD Power Flow – Yoga-inspired movements combined with kettlebells and resistance bands to create an amazing, low impact strength training workout

Body By Jamie – Planks, weights, balls and cardio

Body PUMP – Full body workout with resistance and body weight training

Cardio Sculpt – Combination of cardio and muscle sculpting exercises

CycleLATES – 50% PowerCYCLE and 50% Pilates

CycleX – Mix of cycling, rowing, TRX, ActivMotion bars, Body Bars and weights for additional strength training

Fitness Freestyle – Instructor’s choice including circuits, TRX, cycling, rowing, weights, kettlebells, ActivMotion, CRT and Pilates

H.I.I.T. – Intense hour of cardio and strength training

Kettlebell AMPD – Choreographed to music for a full body workout

Pilates – Low impact class involving stretching, core strengthening and focused breathing

POP Pilates – Total body, equipment-free workout to sculpt a rock-solid core and a lean body

PowerCYCLE – Keiser indoor cycling focusing on Watts (power), strength, speed and raising your heart rate

Quads & Glutes – Improves muscle strength and endurance, toning and shaping the upper leg

Triple Threat – Full body workout incorporating cycling, TRX, H.I.I.T. and more

TRX – Suspension training designed by an Ex-Navy SEAL

TRX/CRT – Mashup of TRX suspension training and the CRT resistance method

TRX Ramped Up – Takes strength, balance and flexibility to the next level

Weight Training – Strength training to develop skeletal muscle strength and size

50/50 – 30 minutes of PowerCYCLE and 30 minutes of strength and core exercises

Fitness Classes