Personal Training, Team Sports Training, TRX, Rowing, Strength and Conditioning

4480 Broadway, Quincy IL

Sheridan Swim Club

NASM CPT, AMPD Certified, CRT Certified and Keiser Cycling Certified

My name is Jenna Hull and I have been a trainer with NuFIT for you since 2012. When I started this journey to a healthier life I had not regularly worked out in 37 years. I came to NuFIT and tried my first class and I loved being in a place where people genuinely cared about me and my goals. I love the intimated environment at our studio and that is what helped me to stay with it. From there I became a NuFIT instructor and shortly after that I got my personal training certification with the national Academy of sports medicine. In January 2016 I was able to purchase the studio. I have been in Quincy all my life and I have three children Keaton is 15, Sheriden is 13, and Ragan is 9. We are also foster parents to a 16 year old and a 6 year old. I love coming to work every day to a job I am passionate about! I would love to help you achieve any and all of your fitness goals.