Personal Training, H.I.I.T

4480 Broadway Street


I am a country girl, nature is so tranquil. I am proud to say I have successfully made it to the thirties. I have been so blessed in my life. I have a wonderful husband, a precious daughter, and together we are building a house. I enjoy giving my time to my church youth group. The teens are great. I’ve always had a strong desire to give back and help others, so its a natural fit that I became a certified personal trainer. Growing up in school I did every school sport available. I loved to be active. I love sports, but the down side is if you are not strengthened and balanced properly it will lead to injury. I had two separate knee surgeries in my early twenties. While struggling through rehab I had to keep the self determination to get strong which has helped me understand how to get past circumstances that are beyond one’s control. After over ten years of training, my passion is still to help people attain their goals. In asking my long term clients what to convey, they shared that I am “A trainer that has a positive and supportive attitude toward my clients and what they are able to accomplish, because everyone is on a different fitness level.“ I like to take an honest look at where a client is and collaborate where they want to be. I believe our bodies are made to be active and move. In getting our body, mind, and spirit at a healthy balance, we will be happy, healthy individuals. In developing healthy life habits you will be able to be your best self, because life is what you make of it. Our bodies tell all, we just need to learn to listen.