4480 Broadway Street

Sheridan Swim Club

Hi! I’m Heather Sommers. I’m 32 years old and a mother of 4 awesome kids. Julian, 11, Adrian, 9, Layla, 7, and Veronica, 4. I have a wonderful partner, Jaime, who works in logistics at General Mills, and our family pet is our sweet dog, Lena.
I have had a love and passion for exercise since adolescence. My mother was an amateur bodybuilder and I used to love hanging out in the gym with her.
I’ve played various sports and none have caught my heart more than roller derby. I co founded Quincy’s Women’s league back in 2010. I am part of practice and training for the team. As of June 2015, and at the request of my children, I helped form and coach an amazing group of junior roller derby skaters.
I have been involved in yoga for over 15 years and it’s an important part of my everyday way of life.
I am beyond thrilled to be a part of NuFIT and all of the awesome people surrounding it.
Thank you for being a part of what we have to offer. Wellness and fun.