My name is Ashley Huber. I am a full-time Registered Nurse on Blessed Beginnings at Blessing Hospital, where I have the privilege of taking care of families during one of the most precious moments in their lives. I love my profession, my family, and God.
I came to Nufit in 2015 with low self esteem and negative body image. I was welcomed with open arms, surrounded by others who accepted me just as I was and willing to help me with my fitness goals. In my 2 years as a member, I have achieved that, and more: Nufit is a place I can go when I feel good or bad, as the instructors and clients understand my needs and I leave the facility not only feeling better about myself physically, but also emotionally. I look forward to the opportunity join the team of instructors and teach a class in hopes of empowering others to embrace who they are, spending some time performing self-care that will benefit their physical, mental and social health.